APIC delivers monolithically integrated photonic-electronic circuits, microprocessors, and reconfigurable fiber networks to DoD and Federal Agencies, which far exceed today's capabilities at a fraction of the size, weight, power, and total ownership cost.


Advanced Photonic Integrated Circuits (APIC) Corporation is a pioneering photonics business founded in 1999 and headquartered in Culver City, CA (minutes from LAX) with branch locations across the country, including Washington, DC; Albany, NY; Boston, MA; Melbourne, FL; and Palo Alto, CA; with a wholly-owned subsidiary in Honolulu, HI. APIC's capabilities include:

        Photonic system design and integration expertise
        Rapid photonic R&D capability with numerous photonic R&D inventions
        Photonic networks designed to meet advanced military applications
        Leadership in monolithically integrated photonic-electronic circuits
        CMOS-compatible foundry and fabrication facility in Honolulu, HI

The cornerstone of APIC's technology lies in its development of novel optical
interconnect architectures

that promise to supplant
copper wiring in
carrying data from
board to board,
from chip to chip,
and, from one core
to another within...
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Our technology, by its very nature, is easy on the environment. While other companies jump on the green bandwagon, we continue to produce inherently green products...[read more]

If the idea of revolutionizing the electronics industry is motivating to you, think about joining our team...
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