APIC has developed low noise semiconductor lasers at 1550 nm wavelength range that are designed for direct modulation. These devices have a frequency range of 1 MHz to 10 GHz with the upper range limited only to maintain RIN < -155 dB/Hz. The laser has high output power and is the optimal choice for RF over fiber applications that require small form factor low power consumption solution. Packaging is in development. Finished product specification sheet and packaging options will be announced in April 2018. Measured chip performance is available in the presentation link, below.

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Lasers - High Linear DM

Product DescriptionPart NumberSpec Sheet
DM Laser 6 GHz, 10 mWDML-6-10-1550-165-FL-FC
DM Laser 6 GHz, 20 mWDML-6-20-1550-165-FL-FC
DM Laser 6 GHz, 30 mWDML-6-30-1550-165-FL-FC
DM Laser 6 GHz, 40 mWDML-6-40-1550-165-FL-FC