Welcome to the Next Generation of High-Performance Computing

HIP-E artist rendition

Leap Ahead Performance

  • 5 times faster processing
  • 23 times more energy efficient
  • 40 times smaller
  • 40 times lighter
Scalable to an Exascale Supercomputer

HIP-E artist rendition

Enabling Technologies

  • High-Bandwidth, Ultra-Low Energy Optical Links
  • Cache-Coherent Distributed Shared Memory Architecture
  • Optical Mesh Networking
  • Photonic Optimized Processor Interfaces
  • Photonic Optimized Memory Interfaces
HIP-E artist rendition

Tech Development Sponsors & Partners

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
  • US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
  • Optical Mesh NetworkingUS Army Core of Engineers – High Performance Computing Modernization OfficePhotonic Optimized Processor Interfaces
  • Texas A&M University System
artist rendition of fabrication plant


  • $10-billion facility
  • 50-acre manufacturing center
  • 1,500,000sf of facilities
  • 2,500 workers fully staffed
  • High Performance Computer Manufacturing:
    • High Volume Production / Trusted Enclave / Research and Development
    • Multi-Foundry Semiconductor Fabrication
    • Advanced Electro-Optic Integration/Packaging
    • Systems Design, Integration and Test
  • Advanced Collaborative R&D:
    • National Center of Excellence for HIP-E Technologies