APIC analog receivers are fabricated using InP/InGaAs material platform and designed for highest responsivity, bandwidth, input optical power and maximum output current linearity. To achieve this we use a proprietary epitaxial design and receiver configuration that allows independent optimization of the above parameters. The devices are optimized to work in RF over fiber links that require high dynamic range, low noise figure and high RF gain. The packaged components are soldered and laser welded, ensuring maximum physical reliability and performance stability with ambient temperature variation. We currently offer different configurations of receivers in the frequency range from DC to 40GHz.

We maintain stock of fabricated receivers with measured key performance parameters listed below. Devices already in stock ship within 5 days from order placement. If you need different configuration please scroll through our list of offered specifications or call for product support.


Products in Category

  • 1dB compression current for 20 GHz photodiodes (-3V bias)

High Linear PDs

Product DescriptionPart NumberSpec Sheet
10 GHz PD, 80 mA no IMARx10-80-N-FL-FC
20 GHz PD, 50 mA w IMARx20-50-50-FL-FC
20 GHz PD, 50mA no IMARx20-50-N-FL-FC
40 GHz PD, 25 mA w IMARx40-25-50-FL-FC
40 GHz PD, 25 mA no IMARx40-25-N-FL-FC

Tabletop Receivers

Product DescriptionPart NumberSpec Sheet
Tabletop ARx ModuleTTARxRF-Ip-50-FL-FC