APIC offers an ultra low noise semiconductor laser at 1550 nm wavelength range, that is designed to operate in the shot noise limit. The typical Relaxation Oscillations in a semiconductor laser are suppressed and the laser operates with Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) < -165dB/Hz in the full frequency range of 50 MHz to 22 GHz. The laser has high output power and is the optimal choice for RF over fiber applications. The laser is offered with a low noise electronics driver and option for Graphics User Interface control.

We maintain stock of fabricated lasers with measured key performance parameters listed below. Devices already in stock ship within 5 days from order placement. If you need different configuration please call for product support.

Products in Category

  • Output power versus drive current

Tabletop Laser Modules

Product DescriptionPart NumberSpec SheetRequest Quote
TT Laser with CWL-100-1550-168-20-FL-FCLN-1550-168-100Link
TT Laser with CWL-80-1550-168-20-FL-FCLN-1550-168-80Link
TT Laser with CWL-80-1550-165-FL-FCLN-1550-165-80TBALink
TT Laser with CWL-60-1550-165-FL-FCLN-1550-165-60TBALink
TT Laser with CWL-40-1550-165-FL-FCLN-1550-165-40TBALink

Lasers - CW

Product DescriptionPart NumberSpec SheetRequest Quote
CW Laser 40 mW, 14-pin butterflyCWL-40-1550-165-FL-FCLink
CW Laser 60 mW, 14-pin butterflyCWL-60-1550-165-FL-FCLink
CW Laser 80 mW, 14-pin butterflyCWL-80-1550-165-FL-FCLink