MicroATx Module for RFoF

MicroATx Module for RFoF

11 Apr 2017  The Micro ATX (20 GHz RFoF Transmitter) is APIC’s latest high-performance RF over fiber product for telecommunications applications such as DAS, 5G, and MIMO.  The Micro ATX combines an ultra low-RIN (-168 dB/Hz) continuous wavelength (CW) laser (1530-1565 nm), a low Vπ amplitude modulator, a low noise amplifier, power conditioning and control electronics into a very small, yet, very rugged package (14 x 5 x 2 cm).  When used in combination with APIC’s highly linear analog receiver, the resultant link performance, with/without a selectable low noise amplifier (LNA), has a gain greater than 8/ -6 dB; a noise figure (NF) lower than 8 / 21 dB; an SFDR ~ 111/114 dBŸHz-2/3; and an RF bandwidth from 50 MHz through 20 GHz.  The Micro ATX is built to operate in harsh environments and ambient temperatures from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. Full specifications available at https://www.apichip.com/check-out-apics-complete-systems-today/


APIC Corporation is small business based in Culver City, California. Established in 2002, APIC performs a variety of research services, engineering design and manufacturing for photonic-electronic integrated components.  Our core business is in III-V and silicon photonic device design, fabrication, and packaging.  Our latest line of products, including the Micro ATX, are very high fidelity analog/RF over fiber devices for telecommunications applications.  For more information contact sales@apichip.com.




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