APIC Corp., of Culver City CA, announces two new products for advanced high fidelity analog/RF over fiber (RFoF) applications. The first is a constant wavelength (CW), distributed feedback laser (DFB) that produces up to 80 mW of light with an ultra low relative intensity noise (RIN): -165 dB/Hz. The second device is a low noise, ultra linear directly modulated DFB laser that produces up to 40 mW of light for RF signals, 0.05 thru 6 GHz. Both devices emit light in the 1550 nm band, are available at customer-selected DWDM ITU wavelengths, and are packaged in a 14-pin butterfly housing. These devices are among several new product offerings that are derived from advanced, high performance technologies developed by APIC for the US Navy. For more information contact sales@apichip.com.

Ultra low RIN CW laser

Ultra Linear DM laser

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