APIC Corporation is pleased to announce a new laser/transmitter product for high fidelity RF over fiber applications. The low RIN laser that was formerly designated the CWL series (for CW laser) is now being packaged with an internal bias T so it can also be used as a direct modulated laser as well as a high power, low RIN CW source. This version still uses the “long” laser chip, which will limit the frequency bandwidth for modulation to less than 1 GHz but retains the power and noise specifications in CW operation as before. The Analog Laser (AL) designation reflects the expanded applications possible with this laser—for lower speed modulated sources as well as CW. These applications include cable TV, GPON, DAS etc.
For higher modulation frequency requirements, the DML series laser is available and this laser has been optimized for operation at up to 6 GHz.

AL series laser in direct modulation transmitter mode:

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