The analog receiver uses a packaged, waveguide coupled, InGaAs photodiode (PD) that is designed for high input optical power and maximum output current linearity. The device is optimized to work in RF over fiber links that require high dynamic range, low noise figure and high RF gain. The internal components are soldered and laser welded, ensuring maximum reliability and performance stability with ambient temperature variation. A thermo electric cooler (TEC) is optional and can be integrated to extend the receiver optical power handling, linearity and further decrease noise. To ensure maximum RF gain the receiver can be packaged with no internal 50 Ohm termination and DC coupled output. The tabletop unit comes with a bias current monitor, battery operation for ultra low noise, an internal biasT, and SMA output. A 12V charger for the internal battery is included. This is a turnkey device, very easy to use and perfect for research or lab environments.

Mechanical Diagrams